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iPhone 5: Bijo in Uummannaq Greenland in 2015

iPhone 5: Bijo in Uummannaq Greenland in 2015


One life, live it

Inspiring the “Human to Human Experience”

Iceland by Guide was founded in 2015 by me, Bijo from my own desire to step out of the rate race and remembering that I and any other human friends on this planet only have this one life and we should live it. To live it means for me to becoming more self-aware and sense what is right for me and bring up the courage to follow my dreams and passions. It took me some time to build this idea up and I loved working for different tour companies to gain more insight and experience. In 2017 I participated with two of my close yoga friends in a Startup program which taught us that we ourselves are part of our product and we should be more open, more authentic and that in return our guests feel inspired to be more themselves.

Growing includes to dare to dream big, to take actions upon those and share what works. Building blocks of adventureful memories are great emotions and pushing boundaries if needed. It involves knowledge of inspiring oneself, money or resources needed to go with, like special cars into remote areas, or go out on zodiac boats to take a look at birds from close up, perhaps rent a sailboat for a day in the Westfjords or sometimes to rent a Land Cruiser, my favorite car and sleep in it if the weather gods are pouring rain on us.

Is it important to you to be around inspiring people? It does affect me and us so we go and intend to live truly alive, we eat like 80% healthy and allow us some chocolate! We do sometimes take calculated risks to push our boundaries, because we can so much more than we think … so think bigger ;) And yes, we definitely do get out of our own comfort zone as often as possible, that is for sure.

You will simply know if Iceland by Guide is right for you.

As a fellow soul traveller I wish you everything you wish for yourself,

Ciao from Bijo, owner of Iceland by Guide health tours.