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- Your TourGuide -

Life is about being happy

And happy is having great emotions. I grew up happy. I am inspired by People that really want to be themselves and unafraid to change their lives for the better.

I am a local here and speak amongst other languages english and German.

my name is bijo and I could be your tour-guide. I can talk about anything, funny, eat healthy, and am knowledgeable. Feel free to get in touch on whatsapp +354 8202223 or email at and ask me anythinG,

See you “soon to be my friend”, ciao BiJo.


Iceland is also your country remember that.

Come and have your own adventure to tell when you go and come back home.

are you a photographer, are you unto eating good food, do you want to be outside often and hike

or just take it slow and have authentic conversations as you see the country?


Two options, You book my transportation with me as driver and guide or you want a local help and input planning your time here.

  1. Guided-Tours: I plan everything here, we talk before arrival on whatsapp or email and I take care of everything here in Iceland. Tour-Guiding, that is I drive as well, costs 500$ a day. Renting a Jeep or minibus costs about 500$ as well.sales and salary Taxes plus insurances are another 500$, it’s all about 1.500$/day. if there is one to three of you, a jeep is good and then we plan our tour. More then three a VW-Transporter to a Sprinter is chosen and costs similar.

  2. Make inquiries for me, BiJo, head-guide at IcelandbyGuide for $1.500/day as your local tour-guide, that you hear from before you are airborne, I will wait for you at the airport, guide you and make Iceland become more alive as you have your adventure, until I drop you off at the airport and stay in touch until you have arrived home safely … or case if you forgot anything.

  3. Self-Drive: just ask me? I can guide you, for you to have your own tour, we talk 3 times before your arrival and after arriving you can meet me in a coffe shop, the whole pre-assist and meeting locally you 900$ I book and plan your trip and plan your ITINERARY in excel.



  • Many People like come to iceland just vacation, some as a group in the way of incentive travel, Iceland is also your country, how can I help you make your life more ADVENTURES?

  • As a local, I have a master’s degree in business and engineering, I have a few certificates in COUNSELING on how we practically be happy, and I am a life coach. “Could I be your cup of tea?”. “Do you sense the force of your own intuition telling you what is awesome for you?”

  • What do I do when I am not guiding? Thinking good feeling thoughts, anticipating what’s next exciting thing to do, go to Zumba, dance Salsa, be out in nature, watching fun romantic movies and again thinking good feeling thoughts … because my happiness was always depended on me … I just was always aware of that.


5 Days 4 Nights

Eat Healthy Tour



On this tour, you taste all of Iceland food’s highlights. I hope you are open, ready and excited! You will taste different fish, meat, whale-meat, tomato-soup from a tomato farm and in between we go on day tours out of Reykjavik.

» you just book your flight and buy your drinks during stay


INCLUDEs: Hotel + Food + Cultural Experience

  • Accommodation part: Hotels etc.

  • Food part: Meals for duration of stay, although you pay for your drinks.

  • Experience Icelandic culture, you get guided tours by me, you see the Golden Waterfall, Geysir, Blue Lagoon, and … well just trust me and allow me to show you a few things.

  • Cooking class: you cook your own Icelandic lamb!


3 Days 2 Nights

Just Juices … fluid nutrition



Book a flight for Friday and return on Sunday. Relax in the Blue-Lagoon, I will get you juices over the whole period. have a great a breakfast if you choose but then it is just juices for the rest of the day. Come and experience some of Iceland highlights before you head back home. I guide my tours myself and I can arrange a service to have you picked up and taken to the airport. See you, ciao BiJo.



  • Accommodation in a nice hotel.

  • Blue Lagoon entry fee’s, I have to book it in advance, so let me know when you arrive as soon as possible, and everything will be ready.