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Tours Further down

Come and See the Black Sand beach and the waterfalls along the South coast of iceland.
Experience the remoteness and wonders of the Snaefellsnes peninsula.
Come and See the biggest highlights in Iceland in a week?
Are you here perhaps for just a day?

I am bijo and I could be your tour-guide, kind, funny, eat healthy, knowledgeable, and fully licensed guide and travel company. Keep it simply by getting in touch on Phone or whatsapp +354 8202223 or email my company at, See you soon, ciao BiJo.


Happens every evening October through March, costs $ 800, duration 3 Hours and I pick you up from your hotel in Reykjavik

  • privatE Northern lights Evening


DESCRIPTION: You book my jeep with me as driver

You want your own experience, and you book me and my jeep coming to you and picking you up and max three other friends. The northern lights tours is yours, costs 800 $ for car, for guiding and drinks etc. and you get to experience the northern lights by yourself and those that you care about. I bring a warm tea and some snacks and come and pick you up. See you later, ciao BiJo.



  • I bring Hot Tea and something light and nice to get your teeth into

  • The space in the car is for three-to-four persons.

  • I assist you in using your gear, when you are taking pics of the northern lights

  • Do we want to have something else with us?


5 Days 4 Nights

Eat Healthy Tour



On this tour, you taste all of Iceland food’s highlights. I hope you are open, ready and excited! You will taste different fish, meat, whale-meat, tomato-soup from a tomato farm and in between we go on day tours out of Reykjavik.

» you just book your flight and buy your drinks during stay


INCLUDEs: Hotel + Food + Cultural Experience

  • Accommodation part: Hotels etc.

  • Food part: Meals for duration of stay, although you pay for your drinks.

  • Experience Icelandic culture, you get guided tours by me, you see the Golden Waterfall, Geysir, Blue Lagoon, and … well just trust me and allow me to show you a few things.

  • Cooking class: you cook your own Icelandic lamb!


3 Days 2 Nights

Weekend Retreat Tour



Book a flight for Friday and return on Sunday. Relax in the Blue-Lagoon, go out to dinner, Northern lights in the late evening, have a great a breakfast and experience some of Iceland highlights before you head back home. I guide my tours myself and I can arrange a service to have you picked up and taken to the airport. See you, ciao BiJo.



  • Accommodation in a nice hotel.

  • Dinner suggestions from me.

  • Blue Lagoon entry fee’s, I have to book it in advance, so let me know when you arrive as soon as possible, and everything will be ready.