The office is on the web :)

Where I like to meet is in different coffee places all over Reykjavik

My cell and WhatsApp number is +354 820 2223

Iceland by Guide is a fully lic. Icelandic Tour Operator and Travel Agency by the Icelandic Tourism board. It has the corporate registration number: 690216-0270

Is owned and operated by Bijo (Birgir Robert Johannesson), born Icelandic, business and engineer graduate with the main motto “how can I be outstandingly healthy with high energy in everything I am doing from work to play.

Iceland by Guide is designed around the idea of how we can feel physically outstanding and have high energy in our own lives and jobs and also when we travel. Iceland by Guide is a health-recharging travel agency and tour operator, based in Reykjavik.

The puzzle pieces of staying healthy is exercise by being in the outdoors and eat healthy and sustainable travel, like Iceland by Guide rents most of its vehicles. Why? Because we need then fewer vehicles on the planet. We eat when we can at organic places, both in the form of plant-based nutrition and also animal friendly restaurants and farms. Besides, … what else is there to do in today’s world then love your next of kin and grow in our own awareness of that all of us are here only for eighty years plus minus twenty … and we take nothing with us besides our experiences, so let’s invest in experiences and in ourselves by being healthy, because when we are, we are first and foremost awesome to ourselves … and that radiants out to our family friends and co-workers and affects everything and everyone for the better … by choosing yourself first.

There is no need for a physical office. Mail address is rarely used, but here it is:
Iceland by Guide
Kleppsvegur 28
105 Reykjavík
Email is


Contact Possibilities

You can use the contact form on the right or write me on whatSAPP (+354 820 2223). 

Do you prefer open and authentic communication? 

I like to take it slower on the first day in Iceland. For instance go to the Blue Lagoon and do a Reykjavik city tour, where we talk about Iceland’s history and current economy and who are those Icelanders and what signifies them? Another option would be to jump into some of Iceland's highlights and do the Golden Circle, but I am a one-to-one kind of guy and prefer a small group guy with a lot of exchanges and conversations.  When you write to me, tell me who you are? You so important? If you doubt that, think about how the lives of your friends and family would be with without you? Feel great being you and feel your own importance.

In Iceland, do you get curious thinking and feeling into driving Quad's, or do a voyage and go on Whale-watching, or putting on your hiking shoes, fill the thermos with tea or coffee and a few sandwiches in the evening and go hike close to Reykjavik? Perhaps to do Yoga in Reykjavik, and even Zumba in the afternoon :) (I am a Zumba and dance guy) , Go Diving in Silfra, with great view but it's chilly, … drive 30 min out and go horse back riding close by?  Glacier Walks on the south coast of Iceland, few hours from Reykjavik? Or do a theme based tour, like go on a vegetarian or vegan tour along with seeing many of Iceland highlights like Golden Circle, Glacier Lagoon and many more, depends on how many days you are staying.  Get in touch, feel important, I cost more then average amount of money and do great experiences with great human-to-human care, because I feel we are all connected, but unique in our own ways, get in touch and we will figure out the rest together.  I will always be transparent, clear and healthy in everything we ”tour-up” together. Ciao BiJo.

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